Digital Scanning for Custom Orthotics

You may have seen our recent TV advert on channel 10 displaying the 3-Dimensional digital technology we use to manufacture our custom orthotics.

We do we use digital scanning technology?

  • It’s an accurate representation of the foot resulting in a more comfortable orthotics
  • It’s faster and less messy than the old plaster casting method
  • The foot scan is captured non-weightbearing, reducing the chance of capturing any pathology foot deformity
  • The orthotics can be made faster as we eliminate freight time
  • We have your own personal 3-D foot print on file to refer and compare to in future, should your feet change

So what’s the process? First you need to be initially assessed to look at whether or not you would benefit from a custom device and to discuss and diagnose what your specific problem or injury is or if there is a more suitable treatment. We will then book you in for a biomechanical and gait assessment and digital scanning.

At Prime Podiatry we believe in doing a full biomechanical and gait assessment when we do our scanning or orthotic prescription. This involves the measurement of relevant joint ranges or motion and an assessment of your gait when walking in real time or on the treadmill, if needed. The time taken to do a full assessment means we can an accurate and comfortable orthotic.  Please also bring some footwear to this assessment as it will affect the type of orthotic we can make you.

Your Podiatrist will then write you are prescription and send it away with your scans. The orthotics take around 2 weeks to be made (they can be done faster if needed). The payment for your orthotics, digital scans and assessment covers the review process for these devices and any adjustments that need to be made in the first 3 months. This way we can deliver a premium orthotic and a far reduced cost to the patient.

To make an appointment or if you have any questions regarding treatment, please give one of our clinics a call.