Restorate Foot Balm

Our practitioners are now using Restorate Foot Balm when treating our patients. This intensive foot cream is for regular use and treatment of dry skin on the feet or cracked heels. The feedback on this cream has been fantastic. We asked one of our Podiatrists, Dr Ben Morrell, why he thinks this cream has been so successful.
‘Many of the foot creams on the market are heavy, greasy creams that are uncomfortable and time consuming to apply in summer. This is when it is imperative that those with dry skin use it. Restorate is non-greasy, can be applied quickly and is absorbed very fast. It has high levels of peppermint oil in it which gives it a very cool feel during and after application. This means patients really enjoy using the cream in summer our patients want to use it regularly as a result. We have seen excellent improvements in the state of our patients feet as a result’
Restorate is available at Prime Podiatry to be purchased over the counter, or during a  consult with one of our Podiatry Team.